State, Regional, County and District Travel Impacts

This report describes the direct economic impacts of travel to and through the state of California and each of its 58 counties and 12 tourism regions since 1992, included is the level of travel spending and the impact this spending has on the economy in terms of earnings, employment and tax revenue. The report is updated annually in March-April. The Assembly and Senate districts data is available only for the most current year.

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An Analysis of the California Travel Industry and Other Export-oriented Sectors

This report assesses the relative economic importance of the travel industry compared to other export-oriented industries in California’s 58 counties and 12 tourism regions. Export-oriented industries are defined as those industries that primarily market their products and services to other regions, states or nations.
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Domestic Air Visitors to California Destinations

Access the most recent data available on where air visitors are, seasonal and long-term trends, and comparisons among travel destinations. You may also download a one-page summary for any state. Updated quarterly.
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International Travel to California Destinations

Now you can get the most current data on international travel to California. This new interactive tool provides access to the monthly, quarterly and annual data on international visitation to California destinations. You can do custom side-by-side comparisons of multiple years/destinations/origins. Updated monthly.
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Note from NTTO: "Preliminary 2016 and preliminary 2017 I-94 visitor arrivals data will be revised during calendar year 2018. Preliminary data may reflect an undercount in 2016 and 2017 of overseas (excludes Canada and Mexico) visitor arrivals to the United States. For more information, please review  Frequently Asked Questions ." Link to revision press release:

Regional Impact Studies

Temecula Valley Travel Impacts
Economic Significance of Travel in North Lake Tahoe Area, 2009
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