State, Regional and County Travel Impacts

This report describes the economic impacts of travel to and through Nevada and each of its seventeen counties and five tourism regions. The estimates of the direct impacts associates with traveler spending in Nevada were produced using the Regional Travel Impact Model (RTIM) developed by Dean Runyan Associates. The estimates for Nevada are comparable to the U.S. Travel and Tourism Satellite Accounts produced by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. The estimates of spending, earnings, employment and tax receipts are also used as input data for deriving estimates of other economics measures, such as gross domestic product and secondary effects.
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The Mason and Smith Valleys Agricultural Tourism Assessment

The Mason and Smith Valleys Agricultural Tourism Assessment provides a comprehensive overview and assessment of the potential opportunities for agriculturally-related tourism development to further enhance the economic vitality and preserve cultural heritage for local communities in the Mason and Smith Valleys in the high desert western Nevada. Agriculture has been, and continues to function as, a primary component of the unique heritage and opportunities for the Mason and Smith Valleys. This study is part of a broader effort to expand the original SCI program by working on a regional level to develop signature Nevada crops, train farmers to grow identified crops, to develop reliable wholesale and retail markets, to develop distribution networks, and to promote and increase awareness of Nevada agriculture and its economic and health benefits.
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Domestic Air Visitors to Nevada Destinations

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