Oregon Fish and Wildlife Economic Impacts

In Oregon, outdoor recreation is important for both residents, and visitors and fishing, hunting and wildlife viewing represent some of the most popular outdoor pursuits. These activities, along with clamming and crabbing, are managed by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife through its licensing, game management and resource management practices. For this study we helped the Department to identify levels of these activities throughout the state, the origin of those participating (including state residents and out-of-state visitors), and the associated economic benefits in terms of spending. In order to provide as much detail as possible at the county and regional level, extensive surveys were conducted by telephone and mail, with contacts stratified by season, location and type of activity. Over 10,000 responses were ultimately used in the analysis. For reporting purposes a detailed study was prepared for distribution by web, and in addition we designed an interactive website for more detailed reporting by which interested people can specify location, activity and other factors and get tabular and graphic reports of the study's findings.

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Dean Runyan Associates now offers an interactive data analysis feature enabling you direct access to Oregon's fishing, hunting, wildlife viewing, and shellfishing expenditure estimates, both state and county.

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