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Dean Runyan Associates works on a variety of projects throughout the US. Our professionalism and attention to detail has made us a leader in economic impact data collection. Please browse our collection of projects, which illustrate our wide client base.

All research and projects were completed by Dean Runyan Associates.

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State Travel Impacts

Texas Travel Impacts

This detailed travel impact analysis for Texas shows the economic benefits of travel and tourism for counties, regions and the state overall. The analysis includes direct travel spending, earnings, employment and the resulting municipal, county and state tax revenue. Our findings include both domestic and international travel, and a full ten years of comparable figures are provided for trending purposes.

Nevada Travel Impacts

This report describes the economic impacts of travel to and through Nevada and each of its seventeen counties and five tourism regions. The analysis includes travel spending, earnings, employment and tax revenue.

Regional, Local and Attraction Travel Impacts

Economic Analysis, Blaine County, Idaho

The Sun Valley/Ketchum region in Central Idaho is a renowned winter destination area that also enjoys substantial summer visitation. We prepared a detailed economic analysis of the region that describes visitor expenditures and the associated employment, earnings and tax receipts.

Economic Impacts of Travel to Fort Worth, Texas

Travel impacts for the Fort Worth Metropolitan Area including spending, employment, earnings and tax receipts. Findings are provided for 2000 through 2008, and the report also includes summaries of Texas and national travel conditions.

Finger Lakes Wine Country Economic Impacts 1997-2001p

The Finger Lakes region of upstate New York is one of the state’s major tourism areas, known for its natural attractions, outdoor recreation opportunities and its evolving emphasis on wine.

Regional Economic Studies

Oregon Fish and Wildlife Economic Impacts

Economic significance during 2008 of hunting, angling, shellfishing and wildlife viewing throughout Oregon. The project involved extensive survey data collection that allows reporting at the county and regional level.

The Economic Significance of Travel to the North Lake Tahoe Area, 1997-2008p

For this study, we document the economic significance of the travel industry in the North Lake Tahoe Area providing detailed estimates of travel spending, and the associated employment, earnings, and tax receipts from 2003 through 2008.

Packaged Travel in North America

This major study of North American packaged travel will provide a detailed profile of American and Canadian packaged travel consumers as well as current measures of the economic significance of this industry.

Travel and Tourism Market Research and Planning

North East Wyoming, Regional Marketing and Tourism Development Plan

This Regional Marketing and Tourism Development Plan for the NE Wyoming Region serves as a framework, describing travel trends, visitor profiles for Wyoming and North Dakota, a visitors’ perspective for each state, an overview of the visitor product and recommendations for product development and marketing.

Oregon State Park, Preliminary Market Assessment

The Oregon Department of Parks and Recreation had the opportunity to acquire, through land trade, a large site in the Coast Range foothills west of Portland for a proposed State Park. We performed a site development study that recommended development priorities and phasing.

North Olympic Peninsula

The Olympic Peninsula in Washington includes Olympic National Park plus a number of shoreline, forest, historic town, event and other attractions.Our work in this region has involved a detailed profile of visitors, analysis and assessment of attractions, primary market area survey (the Puget Sound region, in this case), identification of partnership opportunities, and assessment of marketing activities.

Public Attraction Feasibility Analysis and Master Plans

Fort Worth Nature Center Master Plan

This master plan provides a demand analysis and projections for a variety of potential site uses, including educational programming, water- and land-based recreation activities, large-scale amphitheater performances, animal exhibits and retail.

Garvan Woodland Gardens Master Plan

Preparing the master plan for Garvan Woodland Gardens involved a detailed mission analysis and other strategic planning, a market analysis and attendance projections for several plan phases, then a pro-form projection of revenue and operating costs.

Holden Arboretum Master Plan

Provides market analysis, attendance projections and financial planning that augments a multi-phase master plan for a 3,400 acre public garden in northern Ohio.

Shangri La Botanical Gardens and Nature Center: Market and Financial Analysis

The purpose of this report was to help the Foundation understand the operational and financial aspects of mater plan implementation.

Air Traffic Analysis

Arizona Visitor Air Travel Interactive Analysis

This interactive website, provides users throughout the state the ability to easily access the most current data on air visitor volumes, origins, trends and market penetration for each of the state's metro areas. Historic and current volume from the most important metro area markets in the US is available, selectable by the user. Data are updated each quarter and are very current, and quarterly analysis is provided for.

State Air Travel Summary

The state summary of air travel data, prepared by the Dean Runyan Associates, provides an overview of the trends, seasonality and the relative importance of air travel for each state. Contact Dean Runyan at if you need more detailed analysis, including states and metropolitan areas.